Best Apps to Create Your Books

All of us at some point in our lives. They wanted to create 1 or 2 books. And if perhaps that wish has not come to him. Don’t worry; he’s going to do it soon. Creating a story is not that difficult. All you need is a pencil and paper or a computer with a program like Word. And let your imagination fly and the words flow creating characters, the environment where they live, a goal to give them. And even include a villain or antagonist. Making the protagonists have to overcome various challenges or obstacles in order to reach the end of the story.

It’s easy to create your own story. Since you don’t have the pressure to deliver it on an exact day. To be able to read the comments and opinions of the readers. Either constructive opinions or that is full of love. Which gives you inspiration to follow and motivation to deliver a great chapter to readers? Maybe you ask is. Which app is perfect to be able to share my stories? Creating them is not necessary, you just need an app like Word and that’s it. Even the apps themselves come integrated with a tool to create them right there. Well, in this chapter you will know about them.

Watt pad

This being the most famous app in the world. It allows you to create and publish your own story. Being almost the same as YouTube. When publishing your stories you can add the tags referring to what the story is about. Making readers look for new stories to read for. Meet yours. In addition to that you can read the stories you like, whether they are romantic ones. Drama and even fan-faces. Stories where fans of a series, video games or whatever. You grab the characters and create a story for them.

If you liked those stories you can support the author by giving your little star (it is the same as the like) making watt pad recommend the stories even more. And those stories are not finished yet; you can add them to your library. And when they are updated, watt pad will notify you. If you like the way that author writes. You can follow him, to support the following stories that he will upload. You can post ads or some kind of tweets. Where your followers can see them. If your weakness is covered, and you can’t make a pretty one for your story. Don’t worry as watt pad is linked with canvas. An app that allows you to make any design. The good thing is that there are templates for you to get inspired. And they offer you pang images. The downside is that they are somewhat limited. And to have them all, you will need the premium version.

When writing your story, you can see the statistics of each chapter. Being able to see the stars, sights. And the date when it was published. This app is the easiest and most comfortable. And available for Android, is and computers


  • Breeder: Having more than 20 million downloads. The app itself allows you to read free or paid books. And you can also do the same when publishing your story. (On watt pad you can do the same thing. But the app itself chooses a rather small number of authors to allow them to earn money from their stories.) It has a somewhat comfortable interface. Pretending you is reading a physical book. This being a second option, in case you still don’t like watt pad.
  • Audible: This app has something interesting, and of which. The previous ones don’t. And they are the audio books. Only audiobooks are allowed. But it will be interesting to hear the stories of other authors.
  • World reader: This app is the best known for downloading eBooks for free and legally. This app is like a community dedicated to supporting authors who publish their books in eBook formats. So you can read the stories anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Alnico: Like the previous app. You can download books. And explore the different catalogs that are online. In addition to having a premium version. With what you can access several interesting tools.


A little advice that I will give you when publishing the stories. Is that the first 3 updates are daily. For readers to become familiar with the story and characters. Also, when creating your story, you already have the end in mind. The only thing you have to write is how the characters will get to the end and what the protagonists need or have to overcome in order for them to get to the end.

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