Best Apps to Clean the Phone

When buying a phone, you can easily notice that it is working too smoothly. Everything goes too fast, everyone prefers that, that a phone or computer works that way all the time. But as the months go by you will notice that it begins to be slow. That when opening applications they take a while compared to before having bought it that they went smoothly. Or that the phone as such is slow. And even if you uninstall several apps that you are no longer using, you will see that it does not solve the problem much. Or worse, stay the same. And this is where apps come in to clean mobiles.

These, as their name suggests. Its objective is to clean your mobile internally. Deleting unnecessary files or that is just taking up space on your phone. They give you the option to uninstall applications that you are not using and then check if there are still any remaining files that have not been deleted. And even detect if your phone has a virus that came in case you downloaded an app through a different process. How to download the ask on the computer and transfer it to the phone and then install it there. So in this article you will see several apps to clean your phone.

Android Apps

The play store has a lot of applications of which. They wait for you to download them. Despite this, there are some that may be false and only serve to occupy space and do not eliminate the space on your mobile. But on this list. There will be several mobile apps that are really good.

  • Apes Booster: This application has the ability to remove unnecessary files from your mobile. And in addition to being able to clean almost all your memory on your entire mobile. It is very simple, so you will not get lost where the tools are to clean your mobile. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn’t have an option to detect and remove viruses.
  • AVG Cleaner: With this app, it offers you the same thing, which is to be able to optimize the phone, delete old and useless files. The power optimize battery life making it last even longer. It suspends you the applications that are running in the background, and makes the battery drain faster. It has a tool that identifies repeated images and gives you the option to delete those with low quality.
  • Cleaner: Being one of the oldest (in 2003 it was launched exclusively for Windows, and in 2012 for machos. And then for mobiles) It is one of the most reliable and famous apps of all. It notifies you which applications are the ones that consume your data and which ones are the ones that decrease the percentage of your battery. And it tells you which apps you haven’t used for a long time, you should uninstall.

Other apps

  • Cleaner Pro: The most interesting thing about this app, and that the others that were previously mentioned also have. It is that before deleting the files, it will first show you a list, so that you can check if the app is not about to delete an important file.
  • Mobile Doctor Pro: This app focuses on the status of your battery and your memory. In addition to offering various tools such as a flashlight and alarms.
  • Cleaner Pro: It is responsible for reviewing your list of contacts and notifies you which ones you have to delete because they are duplicates

They are truthful?

To this day, there are still doubts that the apps to clean your phone are reliable. Many people say they don’t work; they don’t clean your phone. Or they delete something else, harming your phone. There are also many people who say that they are reliable, that there are apps where they do their job perfectly, and do not do anything bad to the phone. And believe it or not, the experts have not yet given a concrete conclusion. What you should do is find out about the app first, and check out the user reviews.

If there are many that are negative, obviously you should not download the app. On the other hand, if you see many good reviews, it means that the app is reliable. And if you want to be more sure. The good thing would be to see how reliable the company that created the app is.

An example, this Pisiform. This company founded on September 15, 2005. Its objective is to create good software dedicated to cleaning computers and mobile phones. Hence, the company owns are Defragged, Spicy and the most famous, and of which you will find in this article. Cleaner.

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