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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/22/22 •  5 min read

In society, the only way to survive is to produce. And I mean having a job to have money. Since that is the main pillar that makes society orderly. Since money controls people, in a good way and a bad way. My goal with this article is not that an app or several apps to earn money are better than the jobs as such. In the beginning it is not a good idea to rely on an app for monetary support. Since the earnings will be few, and will only serve as a complement to your purchases or to buy something too cheap.

Getting a job a common job is not too difficult. Whether it’s working in a small shop or whatever. While the works, so to speak, somewhat complex. You will obviously need some experience. If you are going to work as an accountant, you should have some experience or know the basics about the job. So this monetary input can serve you as something secondary. That at first you do not take much importance but then the profits will increase. Maybe you have a doubt, are they reliable? I will not be able to give you an exact answer since there are many apps and even pages.

How reliable are they?

As I said before, many apps are appearing to earn money. And one can have the doubt of which is the most reliable and which is not. You no longer want all the time you spent using that app to earn points and redeem them for money to be in vain. Since scenarios can happen where the points that you have already redeemed do not work and you lost time to get them. Or that the app asks you for a lot of data, and you can’t know what can happen.

I’m not talking about giving out your address, phone number or something very dangerous if someone else has it. Obviously, if you find an app that asks for too much personal information, it’s better not to give it to them. And if it asks for an email, it will be better to have a separate one somewhere to receive spam emails or in the worst case, get hacked. Obviously they will ask for your PayPal account, since it is almost impossible to receive the money in physical form. The good thing is that they do not ask for your password, only the necessary data so that they can send you the money.


Is it advisable to use this type of application?

Answering all at once, I’d say maybe. If you manage to find applications like the last one mentioned, pay for it and the app as such will be totally safe. While other applications try to complete tasks, missions and play video games. One would think that it is too easy to be safe. The important thing is that before trying an application, you see if the app is safe in all aspects so as not to waste time and effort.

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Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a focus on experimental projects in new budding technologies that incorporate machine learning and quantum computing into web applications.

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