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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/06/22 •  4 min read

We’ve all taken a picture at one point that was amazing, whether it’s a picture of someone, a landscape, or a sulfide and it’s really beautiful and you’d like to touch it up a bit to make it look better. Normally, what I would do is leave it as it is because if we subject that photo to editing on your own… don’t have hope that the result will be very incredible, since it is not. And even more so that the person who is doing it has 0 experiences in editing photos.

There are many apps that are used to edit any type of image and export them in various formats, such as the well-known JPG and PNG. You can also export it in gif, or other types of format, although the gif format would not make much sense since you are only editing an image, not a video.

These apps are not completely good, I mean that the result of editing it there against a professional in image editing, obviously the professional will win and by a lot. Because he can work better on those little details, plus he can make the edit look realistic. That is why this app that I will mention is for quick things.


Adobe Light room

I imagine that you already know the name “Adobe” and yes, you are correct. It is one of the best brands when it comes to the interface of photography. Not in the camera, but when it comes to editing, it is one of the best applications according to many professionals in the field. It has many tools, and if you know how to use them to the maximum, you can do miracles in images, or incredible things when creating something in an Adobe application.

This app has been created to be a very professional image editor. Offering the basic things that every photo editor should have, and extra things, like some examples. Lens correction and tone splitting. If you have the desktop version, you can sync the images, as long as you have a registered account.

Snap seed

Coming from Google, this app is one of the best on this list. If we compare it with the previous app, snap seed is based on editing photos quickly and easily. But at the same time your process is professional. By this I mean, it does not matter if you are inexperienced in the area of ​​​​editing. That and with the addition that the creators made it easy to use the tools, making you just enter the app to edit your photos in no time.

The best of all is that it is free, that and adding to the completeness that this editor offers. A great example is where you can play with tone curves in your photos. This feature is loved by editing experts, but even so, there are several applications that do not offer it.

Photoshop express

Being a fast and mobile version. As its name suggests, this photo editor of the famous Photoshop application offers speed and quality when it comes to retouching the photos you’ve taken.

Of course, this editor, being simple and fast, obviously does not give up the important features that the computer version has.

You may be surprised at how simple it is just by clicking on the automatic adjustment tool, so that the app itself fixes the bad details that your photo has. But if you want to edit it as deep as possible, obviously you should experiment a little with everything that this editor offers, in addition to seeing guides from professional people about this app so that you don’t make mistakes and you can understand well how to use it.


This application is known for its large catalog of filters. Although professional photographers recommend not using any filters, and retouching photos manually and more professionally like Photoshop.

This app can be a good exception, as it allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter that you are going to add to the photo.

The app has an editing subscription from which you can unlock up to 200 presets so you can change the look of your photos. And impressively, it comes integrated with a social network, so you can publish the creations you made and receive constructive criticism from other users, so you can improve when using this app. Or also support from other users, to motivate you to continue editing photos.

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