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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/31/22 •  4 min read

If we have to talk about operating systems, the list becomes very extensive, so much so that not even an entry of five thousand words could cover such a topic. However, if we become more specific about which OS we are interested in. The list is considerably reduced, being the case today Android-based operating systems for PC. As you read it, just as there are free, private operating systems or for various electronic equipment. There are also some that allow you to bring the Android experience to the comfort of your PC.

In this post, we will share what for us are the three best Android-based operating systems that you can have on your Desktop PC. The reasons for having an OS with this feature can be varied. But depending on what goals you have, it is undeniable that there are mobile applications that are more comfortable and practical from a PC. As can be the case with video games or even some editing or drawing programs.

It should be noted that the three operating systems were installed by me on my own computer. So I can speak firsthand what the experience is like in each one. And all shared in a comfortable and brief way for you.

Android-based operating systems, Phoenix OS.

Let’s start this list with what was my first Android-based operating system installed on my laptop. Phoenix OS is an OS that uses the Android x86 architecture to function. Reaching version 5.0 of it, this system stands out for being very easy to install and shares similarities with Remix OS, another Android-based OS that we’ll talk about later.

Phoenix is ​​ideal for installing on somewhat older computers, or ones that don’t have many resources. Well, the truth is that it is incredibly light and easy to install and use. Phoenix can be installed from an ISO image containing the OS or from a Windows installer. Although for the latter it is important to make a partition on the hard drive first, so that it can boot with both systems.

There are only two cons or complaints that I have regarding Phoenix OS, and that is the language, which is only available in English or Chinese. And advertising, because although the operating system is free, it constantly resorts to the use of advertising to finance itself, and this is very annoying and uncomfortable. Well, while using it, you can skip an ad.

Prime OS operating system.

Prime so is a more powerful and optimized operating system than Phoenix, but it is only available for 64-bit computers. Well, although it has a classic version that according to the project website. It is compatible with 32-bit computers; the truth is that it is not very functional and stable. So the best option is to go to the standard or Premium.

Its environment and interface is very well cared for, to the point that it will be very familiar to Windows, or Ubuntu. In fact, it shares several similar characteristics with the latter, so adapting to it is nothing to write home about.

However, due to its instability and limitation to only being available for systems with 64-bit architecture. It falls short of receiving our label for the best Android-based operating system for PC. Being the next one who takes it.

Remix OS.

To conclude this article, we can only talk about Remix OS, an operating system which we already mentioned when talking about Phoenix and the truth is that both OS are like brothers. Except that Remix OS is, in my opinion, the best. The reasons range from better stability, through performance and most importantly… It is ad-free. So it is perfectly functional. Like Phoenix, Remix is ​​a recommended system to install on older computers. Of those that we all have at home carrying dust.

Remix has a very friendly interface for any user. Despite not having the Spanish language, everything is very intuitive. It also has some pre-installed applications, which may be useful for some users. Like an office kit, from which you can write text documents and make presentations.

The only lack that remix has is that it only has version 5.0 of Android. And to date no update has been reported. While that version to date is fully functional, it is becoming more and more obsolete. Which means that not all applications are available in remixes, for compatibility reasons.

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