All about the New Windows 11

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/03/22 •  7 min read

For the most anxious, surely the news that is already circulating about the new Windows will be quite news. But not for everyone… for the laggards, there are still many, with the updates of the latest version of the same operating system, which eye, it came out just recently. Specifically, at the end of last month (June).

And just, with the new update, the news comes out that a new one appears. As we say, it will not be (as happened with the current version 10) to everyone’s liking and problems will begin, as also happened with the current version. And this is always like this… new version and with the speed and beta version, the multiple errors will start, to not detect such and such problem, to crashes, etc. And with it, the despair of the rest.

But first of all, I start at the beginning. A priori, for now, we are talking about the beta version. Therefore, it is not mandatory. Nor will we bring unpleasant surprises of sudden and mandatory updates that give you more than a scare and annoyance.


  1. Like any version that is beta, you have to take into account many things. The most important: many things are still to be finalized and although the good thing is that you can try it before the rest, it is also true that you can take away more bad tastes than smiles for the moment. Therefore, it is better to wait for what we can see later and try it all.
  2. As we said, we are still in full beta version, since the current version is still the version of Windows 10, but many things are known that will make it a quite striking change, at least, in the ease of being able to connect with others.
  3. We are talking about Microsoft teams being included on the desktop. With this, we will be able to connect instantly and quickly both through chat and calls. It will not be necessary to download applications or stories… They have thought about the situation we are experiencing and the boom in needs that the situation has brought and they have applied the story to help with communications.
  4. The most comfortable thing is that it will practically seem that the mobile phone is used but from the computer. Let’s think comfort. The people we want, with a bigger screen and good lighting. The perfect chat making video calls and even better, to be able to make work and study video calls.
  5. As with the desktop with the new Microsoft 10 update, you will also be able to quickly access the latest news, be able to quickly access the most interesting and important information, the weather and the things that interest you most and look interesting based on your preferences.
  6. Regarding how they will look and be playable, obviously, he was not going to be left behind. Since there is more and more demand with video games and the gaming world. From what is being rumored, the change will be quite considerable (for the better), with graphics that will not leave anyone indifferent, that the change will be noticeable and that will make you feel more real on the screen.
  7. For those who are video game lovers, they will also be able to access a subscription (previous payment) where they will be able to access a multitude of games that will be “another level”. Of course, we repeat that it will have to be paid separately and will not be included in the Microsoft pack.
  8. O tar of the things that will attract attention and give it a new and totally renewed air, will be the icons. In this case, they will be floats.
  9. Another interesting fact, very interesting and important in these times, where you have to pay for almost everything and when updates sometimes become essential and force you to pay… they give you all the evils. But luckily, there will be no need to pay for the new update. And the truth, it is appreciated. We will save ourselves paying more than one hundred euros for something that in the end, they force you themselves.
  10. In advance, what we are told about the new operating system is that it has been made thinking that you will feel closer to your loved ones.
  11. I if you like to have everything organized, in sight, but always organized and you are not convinced, for example, of the system that exists now where everything appears, as a pop-up window, you will be in luck. Of the many novelties, the main ones will be the pop-up windows, the designs, the icons, the desktop… you will be able to organize it yourself from the different options that they will give you. You will be able to have as pop-up windows, therefore, what you need or most urgently and leave the trifles aside.
  12. For the moment, on Microsoft’s own page, you will be able to discover whether or not your computer is compatible with the new update and, therefore, the latest version. Although this option is still waiting and there is a bit left to check.
  13. I f you need to know how to find out if your computer can be updated to the latest version, there are little pieces of information that will tell you if your computer is ready or if you should make changes or buy another one.
  14. For example: take into account above all the type of processor you have. For example, you must have two cores if you want it to be fast and not slow down and at least 1GHz.
  15. Memory, of course, essential. The RAM memory must be at least 4 GB and also the internal storage must be at least 64 GB.
  16. Another basic thing will be the graphics card. You have to check that your card is compatible with DirectX 12.
  17. On the other hand, the internet connection will be a basic to be able to access all its functions and to be able to connect in turn to the account that you have linked to Microsoft.

What do you need


If our opinion is of any use (personally, I don’t recommend using it) at least not on the mainframe. If you have several, then yourselves. But a priori, and even personally, I will not test the beta version to avoid disappointment. Having said all this, if we can begin to get an idea of ​​what is coming our way. Because you have to have something clear, if the beta version is already here, sooner rather than later, you will have to end up using the software.

Also to know if your computer is going to be compatible or not, with the new version that is approaching us, obviously, you have to take into account that the equipment is becoming more powerful. Therefore, the needs are greater and more memory and more power are needed. With a minimum of two cores, with the card compatible with DirectX12, with a minimum memory of RAM of 64 GB, with an internal storage capacity of 64 GB, the internet connection for connections, etc.

The change, of course, will be more than evident between the latest updates and the one that is coming soon and in this case, it seems that you will like it and will not lead to so many disappointments and various problems, as if it happened to us with the last Update 10, of which, by the way, is still not convincing many. Let’s hope that what they are saying and promising is really true and we can get rid of the thorn with the new operating system, which was already missing, a good and great change. More news, great advances, changes, ease of navigation, modern and comfortable designs, adaptable to the taste of each user, internet connections through video calls, etc.

Tanner Abraham

Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a focus on experimental projects in new budding technologies that incorporate machine learning and quantum computing into web applications.